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  1. Effect of HOKAMIX 30 on the metabolism of the dog.
  2. How does HOKAMIX 30 with its metabolism improving action help?
  3. A vet's opinion on HOKAMIX 30
  4. How does HOKAMIX 30 help?
  5. Summary

Effect of HOKAMIX 30 on the metabolism of the dog

The following section is a précis of a paper given by J Kroeske Bsc.

" What is Metabolism?"

Metabolism is the sum of the processes - feeding, use of the nutrients to promote growth, health etc,to the discharge of waste products.

The body is made up of many organs containing millions of cells,each of which must receive the right nutrition at the right time in the right volume. If many or even several of these cells related to a specific organ cannot function normally, due to poor nutritional quality, then that organ may fail and resultant health problems a possible occurrence.
Therefore improving the metabolism can only be of benefit.

Evolution ha not only domesticated the dog, but has also altered it's nutritional requirements. Many diet offered to the dog for it's daily feed present the dog with a nutritional challenge that it's stomach is unable to cope with. Simply, it's body is incapable of assimilating the essential nutrients in the food.

Therefore, if there are in sufficient catalytic agents in the digestive tract, the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids required for example, for enzyme production, cannot be utilized success fully.

Often, these essential nutrient additives cannot be digested by the dog because they were presented to the animal in a non digestible form. For example, they were too old or had been overheated at some point. ( This is an example where analysis of the feed bears little, if any relationship to the actual digestible content ). This difference can be influenced by the processing/manufacturing treatment given to the feed, where, for example, over cooking will produce a partially burnt feed that will offer no significant nutritional value to the dog, but can potentially clog up the system and promote health disorders.

Many skin and coat problems in dogs are direct result of this phenomena, eg dandruff, itching skin etc. Also, tendons and ligaments suffer too, which can lead to many problems.

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How does HOKAMIX 30 with its metabolism improving action help?

HOKAMIX 30 takes care of all the waste products and improves the digestion of the feed. Liver and kidney function are improved by using HOKAMIX 30 and this is how the toxic elements are excreted.

The nutritional herbs in HOKAMIX 30 induce the necessary stimulation of the metabolism so that the dog can handle the many and varied feeds on offer today. After using HOKAMIX 30 for a period, the improvement in the dogs general condition and well being can be dramatic.

HOKAMIX 30 has been marketed now for approximately 10 years. It is being sold in 20 different countries throughout the world.

This success proves that HOKAMIX 30 does really work. Our success has been gained by 'word of mouth' endorsement ant the referrals in the next section are testament to that.

If you are wanting to improve the condition of your dog, then HOKAMIX 30 is a MUST -based ONLY on natural ingredients, HOKAMIX 30 will improve the metabolism and help the dog take full advantage of the feed being offered.

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A vet's opinion on HOKAMIX 30

Dr Rijk is a veterinary surgeon in Reuver in the Netherlands, where he has been in practice for over 20 years. He prescribed HOKAMIX 30 for the first time in 1989.

He says: " My clinic covers both farms animals and pets. For the treatment of the farm animals I go out and visit the farms directly. For the treatment of pets, I receive an average 25 patients, twice a day.

I am not a specialist in homeopathy, but I do try to keep up with the publications on it. Besides the traditional prescription remedies, I do switch, depending on the case, to homeopathic treatments.

I was informed about HOKAMIX 30 a long time ago, but I only started prescribing it in 1989. I had a Yorkshire Terrier under treatment with very persistent skin problems, mangey skin and excessive shedding. When several normal treatments has failed, I prescribed, as a test, HOKAMIX 30. The results were tremendous, I must say , because within days the complaints diminished and after 2 weeks the coat was almost restored. It never became a perfect coat, mind you, but the dog is still enjoying life today, where he was close to death previously.

Many experiences in my clinic show, even if I have no specific scientific data on how it works, that HOKAMIX 30 is effective, and not only on Yorkshire Terriers!

German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers often have pyodermia - those that have been treated with HOKAMIX 30 have shown dramatic improvements. In particular, one Golden Retriever had a continual bad smell - after consultation with a colleague we though it may be a thyroid gland problem. Further investigation discounted this theory and so, as a last resort, we prescribed HOKAMIX 30 - the bad smell simply disappeared.

I know there cases where HOKAMIX 30 has relieved HD problems, but I have seen no specific incidents.

How HOKAMIX 30 works, I don't know, but it definitely is NOT suggestive. You see a GP may prescribe a placebo to stimulate the suggestion of healing to his patient, but a dog, no, you'll never fool them".

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How does HOKAMIX 30 help?

It restores the metabolism to a healthy state and improves the digestion and absorption of the food. It acts as catalyst and removes toxic substances from the body. Ligaments and tendons are strengthened and hormones regulated. The dog becomes more energetic, builds up a greater resistance an is better able to cope with disorders.

HOKAMIX 30 is a biological phyto-therapeutic feed additive which increases the gut flora, increases the metabolism and will help in the following:

- Allergies ---Rashes disappear, itching will decrease, scaly skin recovers, open wounds will heal more quickly.

Coat & Skin ---Continuous moulding will cease, a thin coat fill out, a dull coat will regain it's bloom and color, the moulding period will be shorter.

Bones & Muscles ---Ligaments and tendons are strengthened and HD symptoms disappear in older dogs and are prevented in younger dogs.

Miscellaneous ---Fertility disorders are combatted, pseudo pregnancy is prevented by regulating the hormone levels.

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Many physical problems of a dog can be traced back to poor or insufficient diet. A dog's intestine is conditioned to digest food of which 80% - 90% is a liquid. Hard, dry food chunks without anything else, therefore, cannot be recommended. Always try to select a diet which is as natural as possible - the addition of a spoonful of HOKAMIX 30 to the daily diet will ensure the best possible absorption of the nutrients, and help it's metabolism.

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