Does your dog occasionally suffer from:

- Itching

- Flaky Skin

- Bald spots or a dull coat

- Pain when standing up

- Allergies

- Constant shedding

- Stiffness or pain when walking

- Joint problems


If so, take this free folder!

A beautiful coat

Excellent physical condition

Strong bones

Strong hips

Well-lubricated joints

Finally, no more itching or excessive shedding

It sounds almost too good to be true, but it is possible.


Many common ailments suffered by dogs can be traced to disturbances in their metabolism and digestion. Even if your dog’s stool looks fine and he shows no obvious signs of physical distress, digestive and metabolic problems could be causing a daily dietary deficiency. Even if he is fed a well-balanced dog food!

This deficiency can result in:


-flaky skin

-constant shedding

-excessive hair loss

-a dull coat

but also:

-painful and stiff muscles

-skeletal problems

In short, many irritating and persistent problems can arise.


What can now be done about these problems?


HOKAMIX30 is a phytotherapeutic dietary supplement. It sounds complicated, but the supplement actually works very simply and effectively. Developed especially for dogs, HOKAMIX30 is a mixture of medicinal herbs that individually affect physical processes, such as digestion and metabolism.


HOKAMIX30 has had amazing results! Dogs that have been plagued by the problems listed above have shown remarkable improvement after just 6 weeks of using HOKAMIX30. This is possible because HOKAMIX30 first expels from the body old toxins that were produced by a faulty metabolism, and then prevents them from being produced again.

The intestinal system is strengthened, allowing the dog to better digest any type of dog food. If the food is properly digested, the nutrients will be absorbed and transported more efficiently, there will be no more deficiencies and the body can function optimally. In short, every living cell in the body receives more nutrients. This has a number of positive effects on your dog’s general condition.

Just a few of the advantages of HOKAMIX30 for movement problems:

- Tendons and ligaments become stronger (just think of how it could benefit a dog with HD!).

- Improved circulation and nourishment of muscles, tendons and ligaments lessen the pain a dog may have in standing or moving in general.

- The deterioration of cartilage is slowed, and if possible, damaged cartilage is healed and regains its natural elasticity.

Advantages of HOKAMIX30 for coat problems:

- Constant scratching and biting caused by itching finally stops.

- Skin flaking (dandruff) is very much reduced.

- The shedding period is shorter.

- Constant shedding is a thing of the past.

- The effects of allergies are lessened, especially if they are food-related.

In short, your dog regains its beautiful, shiny and resilient coat!

In addition, HOKAMIX30 has a number of general advantages:

- Your dog’s immune system is strengthened.

- He becomes more energetic and lively.

- His fertility and hormonal balance are improved.

- He is less susceptible to allergies and eczema.

You can obtain these results simply by mixing 15 mg of HOKAMIX30 per day in your dog’s food.


Healthy for every dog


HOKAMIX30 is suitable for all dogs. Whether your dog is young, old, mature or still growing, HOKAMIX30, with its precise mixture of herbs, can provide a necessary addition to a complete and well-balanced diet. The results will please both you and your dog.

This is why more and more people are choosing the natural supplement, HOKAMIX30. Even the most critical breeders and veterinarians are convinced!

Your dog will also benefit from HOKAMIX30.


The best thing for your dog

As a dog-lover you want only the best for your dog! So give him HOKAMIX30, because HOKAMIX30 will make him eat and feel better.


HOKAMIX30 is not only for sick dogs. This precise mixture of natural herbs has a healing but also preventative effect on every dog.


HOKAMIX30 is available in various forms:


HOKAMIX30 Powder

Powder is the standard form of HOKAMIX30. The proper dosage is easily measured with the 5-gram spoon included in every package and it can be mixed with pre-soaked dried or canned food.


HOKAMIX30 – Snack

A healthy and delicious reward. This tasty snack consists of 10 grams of easily digested chicken meat and 5 grams of HOKAMIX30. Four snacks per day are enough to keep a medium-sized dog weighing about 35 kg in optimum condition. The advantage of HOKAMIX30 – Snack is that it can be given as a reward, or it can be simply mixed with your dog’s dry food.


HOKAMIX30 – Snack Petit


HOKAMIX30 – Snack in a smaller size that is perfect for puppies and smaller breeds. Each HOKAMIX30 – Snack Petit contains 1 gram of HOKAMIX30. A dog that weighs 7 kg can thus be rewarded seven times per day with a fun, tasty and healthy snack.


HOKAMIX30 Tablets

These tasty tablets are intended for dogs that prefer a tablet to a HOKAMIX30 – Snack or Snack Petit. The tablet form makes it fast and easy to ensure the proper dosage, for example by giving it in a piece of cheese or sausage. HOKAMIX30 tablets are also very effective in curing serious skin and coat problems!



This extra strength form of HOKAMIX30 for especially persistent problems provides extra support in cleansing your dog’s digestive system and rebuilding his immune system. This product has been proven effective against skin and coat problems, but also against skeletal and joint problems. In addition, it helps alleviate symptoms of old age.



HOKAMIX30 is available at authorised pet stores.


Further information on HOKAMIX30


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